Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Encounter of a Different Kind

Now I have had a bit of the "Indo-Pak" experience. From Group Discussions in college and late night sessions in college canteens, to a trip to the beautiful Kashmir and the electric Wagah Border, to even memories of a bomb-blast that was linked to terror groups in my nice little haven in Kerala.
I'm not an extremist and do believe that history is what historians tell us and hence do not have a very strong view of what happened back then. Though my views on the current situation is clear and strong. Hence an India-Pakistan cricket match is more than just another match, even though that is what I try hard to keep it to. (Well I really can't defend this with conviction after the recent WC experience and the way cricket has moved in our country. Anyway that is just to make a point)
No, this is not about cricket.
There has to be a name for this tactical move, though I'm sure the person I'm about to mention did not intend it as a tactical move - like a Queen's gambit or something. I find it hard to imagine the two leaders sitting across a table to discuss Siachin or Kashmir, and the leader from across the border telling Mr.Singh this. Without much ado, this is what happened,
I was walking home after a late night movie in Dhoby Ghaut. That is a place in Singapore and it is not very hard to figure out the origins of that name. I'm crossing a green signal when I see this guy cross from the other side - lean, boney to conjure a better picture, with a balding head and his hair pasted to the scalp, black rimmed glasses balanced on the nose bridge, and a white faded tee and black trousers giving away the lean frame beneath - much like a malnourished geek from college.
Now we cross in the middle of the road when he queries,
"Excuse me.. Hi.. can you tell me the way to Orchard. (Another Place in Singapore)"
I'm looking at the signal start to blink. Before I can answer,
"You look like a Pakistani. Are you a Pakistani?"
A bit taken-aback - I don't know if that is the right set of words that describe the moment, but something like that - I tell him,
"No.. eh.. I'm an Indian"
"You look like a Pakistani"
"Ok.. Orchard is that way" pointing my fingure
"Ok" As he begins to walk away, he looks back and says,
"You look like a Pakistani. Are you?"
"No.. I'm an Indian"


Mridul said...

Crazy I tell you !
This is totally weird

VKM said...

That was strange..

AK said...

Mridul & VKM : Ya, thrice was a 'tri'fle 'two'-much :)

Kraz Arkin said...

And a huge black guy in San Francisco asked me - Why do Hindus hate Black people?

AK said...

kraz: and what did you tell him?