Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Times We Live In

Male Voice: " Good Morning Bangalore! The time is 9:56 a.m. and this is Christopher on Radio City.

(Sound of Girls wooing)

Male Voice: "Thank you Girls. Now, it's a sunny morning, great weather and we have just the right mix of programs for you on Radio City.
Bangalore, if you are stuck in traffic call us and tell us where you are. While you are with us, you can grab some fabulous prizes by taking part in the following poll.
Tell us what the most common form of public waste in Bangalore is.

Is it
A. Household Sewage
B. Litter
C. Vehicle Pollutants or,
D. Industrial waste
Call us and tell us what you think and win LOTS of Exciting prizes"
(Breaks into Ads)

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Girl With Big Eyes said...


Thanks for the wishes!! Reuben cleared Patni. And got placed in life too last to last weekend :)