Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In Conversation

9:41 a.m., Outside an FMCG major’s office

The Youth, in his White & Black formals; his laptop slung across his shoulder, briskly walks through the gate when a Metallic-Blue 6 point something slides by and eases down in front of the main lobby. A man, possibly in his early fifties, gets out. He is tall, has an unobtrusive paunch and wears a striped short-sleeve.

Y: Casuals - no more formalities at the work place; the sign of a man who has made his indelible mark.

The Man takes out his bag and laptop. He stops to give instructions to someone in the car.

The Youth studies the car as he approaches it. The Man turns around and sees the Youth doing the same.

M: Years of smart-work and perseverance; that’s what it takes my Son. You better work your ass off if you want to succeed.

Y: Hmm. "Honda City", up-close and personal. Nice. Waiting for the weekend till I reach home and get my hands on Dad's new car. Why is the guy looking at me like that?

The Youth catches up with the Man. They start walking toward the elevator. The youth suddenly makes it for the stairs. He bounds up, taking those 3 at a time – the only exercise of a sedentary manager. He glances back as he takes the turn at the top of the flight.

He catches the man glancing at him.

M: Wish I could.

Y: Ha! - The joys of youth. You better take the elevator.

Or so the Youth thought.

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